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Specializing in rebuilding your shoes with factory quality workmanship & materials, plus world class service and convenience. We've repaired more than 3,000,000 pairs of shoes since 1994! Below are a few examples of our work.

Prices start at $45! Turn around is 3-4 weeks including shipping time. Please note: your credit card will not be charged until your shoes go into the repair process.


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NuShoe, Inc. is America's premier shoe repair and renewal company. Our business model revolves around factory-quality shoe renewal made available through a simple and convenient mail-order service. NuShoe represents several famous shoe brands exclusively for their shoe repairing programs, and has in recent years expanded into institutional and government accounts, returns and warranty processing, and direct-to-consumer internet repair and retail sales.


  1. Fill out the order form
  2. Mail us your shoes
  3. Wait 2-4 weeks for return delivery


"My shoes came back from repair a few weeks ago and they are amazing! It's like having a completely new pair of sandals. I made the mistake of first taking them to a shoe repair nearby who promised they would be as good as new. And what a disappointment. The biggest waste of money and time. I wish I had just sent them to you first. What an incredible service. You now have a customer for life! Thanks again."

Lyn F.

"My sandals arrived June 10. They are in better condition than when I bought them. Please pass my thanks on to your craftspeople."

Jane C. G.

"Thank you very much for your e-mail advising me that my shoes will soon be shipped. I appreciate your attention in keeping me informed and I look forward to wearing my refurbished shoes - thank you again.

Received my sandals in beautiful condition - like new!!! Thank you for your fine work; very much appreciated."

Frances C.

"I have received the shoes and they look fantastic! You did a spectacular job on the shoes which I didn't think were salvageable. Many thanks for the expert work and the enclosure of the mailer for a future repair. When appropriate, I will use the mailer for another repair."

Martha S.

"WOW!!!! Man oh Man…Thanks to the cobber's/staff at NuShoe. The work you done on my boots (Lowa Bafflin Pro), went pass and farther then what I had expected when I got them back. I am very pleased with them. It truly feels like I bought a pair of new boots minus any break in time not that it was need with them. Awesome service, was able to come in with my budget, I see future returns to your company... Thanks again."

George R.

"Wow... my (Nike running) shoes are GREAT. Appreciate excellent service and work."

Tim M.

"Not every day that you can rely on internet service. My first experience with NuShoe was just as they advertise an the quality of their work could not be any more precise. Thanks for restoring my Finn Comfort shoes to look absolutely brand new."

Joe P.

"I sent my Ariat Crowne Pro tall boots off for new zippers and new laces. They were a mess. I hadn't ridden in them for 3 years, left them covered in mud and dirty (I know, terrible) and then when I tried to put them back on, the zippers busted right off. Two years after that, I began riding again, and needed my boots back! I sent my dried out, dirty, busted up tall boots off to NuShoe, and just a few short weeks later, I got GORGEOUS, brand new looking boots back in the mail. They even managed to get off all the fossilized sticky wax that was congealed on my boots from my show days. That alone was 100% worth the money. I imagine this is what it feels like to have custom boots...brand new boots, but already broken in and comfy. I am so so impressed with how good my boots look. The zipper feels more substantial than the original Ariat zipper, but maybe that's just me! The only thing I wasn't over the moon about is that the boot trees I ordered are more like shoe-trees, they fit into the foot part of the boot but don't go into the shaft to hold the boots up or retain their shape, but that is probably my fault for expecting something different! Still great shoe trees, I'll use them for something else and go back to pool noodles in my boots. I will send every pair of riding boots I ever have to NuShoe for repairs, they do AMAZING work and do it in a timely manner! I cannot say how impressed I am. Thank you!!!"

Lauren K.

"It was with some trepidation that I sent you my favorite sandals. They were completely worn out and I wasn't sure you could save them. But I figured it was worth a try - we'd been around the world together and I had a lot of mileage on those old favorites. I was overwhelmed when I got them back - they are as good a new! A miracle! My next pair is in the mail and I am excited to see what you can do with them. Thank you for being such good craftsmen. It is an art form.”

Karin W.

"I sent my Corcoran boots in to be refurbished and they were returned resoled and looking brand new! Thank you for the fabulous job! I cannot order these new as they no longer make them, so it is a blessing I can keep wearing my favorite boots thanks to NuShoe!!"


"My 91 year old mother has been in a wheelchair for many years. However, instead of using her hands to move the chair's wheels, she propels herself by moving her feet. Over 8 years ago I bought her a pair of Finn oxfords and she has worn them, and only them, every single day. Unfortunately something happened to the sole of one of the shoes - she somehow gauged a chunk, the size of a quarter, out of it and the local shoemaker was unable to help, saying there was too much damage. I thought I'd have to buy her another pair, which would have cost over $315. Instead, I found NuShoe. The pair that I sent to them was truly worn out - I just received the repaired shoes and I would be hard pressed to distinguish them from new ones. Absolutely wonderful work!!"

Lucy A.

"Huge shout out to NuShoe for replacing the zippers on my Ariat tall boots! The repair was done in the time frame specified, the stitching is superb, and my boots were returned all polished up. Thank you NuShoe for excellent work!"

Laura G.

"I had a pair of Converse tactical boots resoled with Vibram Kletterlifts. The boots have vastly improved traction and shock absorbing ability. I have a Plantars spur on my left heel and mild arthritis in my right big toe. I believe that my guess for using Vibram soles will help and protect my feet for many months to come... Thanks NuShoe for having services and choices to fix your footwear. Thank You again."

John H.

"I just rec'd my boots from you today. They look like new and feel like new. Please tell your people they did a great job!!! Thanks again for a great job."

Mark E.

"My shoes just arrived! They are beautiful. Thank you, thank you!"

Trish M.

"We just wanted to thank you very much for coordinating the repair of my husband's sandals. He is so pleased to be able to wear them once again. Your people did a wonderful job! Many Thanks!!"

Mary E. and Bob P.

"Got my boots back today. Awesome! Thanks a million!"


"Thank you. I received my shoes and they look magnificent! I have not been able to wear them due to the snow, but as soon as I can, I will be wearing them. I will be referring you to my friends and will be using your service again whenever the occasion arises. I appreciate the beautiful craftsmanship!"

Lisa M.

"I have received my re-conditioned boots and I could not be happier with the results. They look new and fit just as well as they ever did. I know this was a difficult repair, because of the way the sole was attached to the boot. You made the effort, to come up with a plan, and it worked perfectly. I am getting together an old pair of western boots, that I love and have had for years. They will be on their way to you shortly. I will let everyone I know in New York, about your great service. Thank you again."

Marco F.

"I received my shoes today. Just want to let you know that I am pleased with the work done."

Ruth W.

"My shoes look and feel incredible. Thank you."


"Thank you for your reply and service .I will keep on passing the word around about your company and great service to all my brothers of Jacksonville Fire Department. Thank you once again."

R.P Murphy

"Got my shoes back yesterday. My compliments on the great job. The shoes look like new and I am so glad to get them back. My feet were missing them."

Peter R.

"Received my resoled desert boots back. Excellent job. Looks just like new, but already broke in. Again, good job. Keep up the good job."

Greg N.

"I've used your service for several different pairs of my Dan Postboots. Always SUPERB service, and they always look like new. THANK YOU."

Mark D.

"Jeff, You did a wonderful job with my shoes. Thank you very much."

Leslie O.

"My Finn Comfort shoes were probably 20+ years old and while the soles had unfortunately cracked through, remained otherwise some of my favorites. A local shoe repair I'd used for Mephisto and Birkenstock shoe repair couldn't handle this job because of the unique soles. Well, I was speechless upon receipt of the repaired shoes from Nushoe. They look and feel like they have another 20 years in them."


"I've had a pair of New Balance MK900 shoes for at least 10 years. They are probably the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. This summer the soles finally wore through. Since this shoe is no longer manufactured I was looking for someone who could resole the shoes. Not only did NuShoe do a fantastic job in replacing the soles, they also repaired the shoe lining. I give NuShoe five stars for a job well done. Thanks!"

Harry G.

"Just a quick note to tell you all that I received my repaired riding boots and they are BETTER than new!! You are amazing and I cannot thank you enough for bringing my favorite boots back to life! Thank you, thank you!!!"

Cathie C.

"I love my refurbished shoes, fantastic work! I will be sending (2) more soon. Thanks so much!"

Karen G.

"Just received my boots back. Fantastic work! Will definitely use your service again and recommend to others."

Rob N.

"Thank for your incredible service. Your craftsman recently repaired my lightly used, but sole cracked Finn Comfort boots. I praise their abilities and I’m thrilled to find service of this quality, this day and age! My local shoe repair shop said the boots could not be repaired and I was about to throw them out when I decided to check on-line. Thankfully I found the NuShoe site. Please thank those who did the work, and I will highly recommend your service to friends and family!"

Dave T. (BC, Canada)

"Thank you for the wonderful work on my boots! Are you sure you sent my old boots back because they look like new! Any chance you can let me into your secret for cleaning them up so well? Thank you!"


"Dear Person who refurbished my boots, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! They are beautiful. My husband said they looked new was I certain they were mine? He had a point, they looked as good as when I first got them. However, this morning when I put them on it was like slipping back into an old friendship. They felt just right and I walked a couple of miles before I came back inside to assure him they were indeed my boots. Once again, thank you for doing such a wonderful job. Your group must take great pride in your work and it shows. You have made me a very happy hiker."

Susan R.

"I Just received my resoled Doc Martens. Wow! They look and feel great!!! You Have my repeat business Nushoe!! Thanks!"

KW Karvonen

"We are 100% satisfied with the quality of the complete renewals you recently did on our Finn Comfort sandals. Make that DELIGHTED with both the workmanship and speed (1 month). The shoes were about 7 years old, heavily used, and we only wish you could make US look so rejuvenated! Another pair will be making its way to you shortly. Many thanks!"

Pat M.

"My beloved Finn Comfort summer sandals have a new life, thanks to NuShoe. They look good, feel good and walk good. I am very pleased."

Alice E.

"I received my Ariat hiking boots back today I am so very happy, and grateful I thought sure a lost cause Many thanks to the people that took such great care and pride in your work. What a class act, indeed."

Michelle J.

"You guys did a great job!!! Those shoes were beaten up and you made them look like new!!! I will send all of my shoe to you guys from now on. Thanks."

David B.

"Holy Mole! Wow, I just got these back and they are perfect. I do a lot of sewing and I am awed by the beautiful job you did on my boots. They are sweet! Getting them back in plenty of time for the holidays makes me very happy. I'm so pleased. Warm Regards."


"Hey Nushoe! I wanted to tell you I am so happy to have my old boots back with the nice new sole on them. I just returned from out of town to find them waiting for me. I could not be more pleased with the job your team did on my boots. They fit like always and are ready for a second life. Your service is a class act. Who knows, you may see them again! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!"

Dexter T.

"To The Craftsman: I just got them and am extremely pleased; the workmanship is first class; perhaps because my dad had a shoe repair shop and I worked there as a kid I saw all types of shoes and the work first hand. It’s like having a new pair of shoes! You people do very good work and you should be proud of it. Again many thanks."


"My shoes were delivered to me Friday afternoon. They look almost new. Your workmanship is awesome! Thanks very much."


"It took me 2 and a half years to find someone willing and able to repair my boots!!! They were critical to my job as a medieval educator and I didn't want a substitute. I wanted MY boots and NUSHOE delivered! Thank you so much for a wonderful fairy tale ending, and the beginning of a new one with Nushoe. You are amazing."


"Dear Mr. Neuner,

I have been privileged to do my shopping at the various merchants in and around San Diego for the past 40 years and I have had many dealing at all levels with the merchants. It is important that I mention to you personally that you have many dedicated people that have done a good job of keeping NuShoe a great place to do business, especially Cheryl Ackin.

She has an especially strong working knowledge of Finn Comfort as well as the shop operations policies. She also gave me perfect driving directions on how to navigate the traffic in the area as I live close enough to deliver the shoes personally. She is a pleasure to work with.

I know you are very busy and have many issues facing you in managing the operation in a competitive marketplace, but please take the time to handwrite a short note on this letter and pass it on.

With much appreciation for your time and attention."

David C.

"Just got my Chippewa Trooper boots back. WOW...they look like new. The leather looks great. Cant wait to wear them. Thanks for the great service, my boots were only gone for two weeks, not bad for Florida to California and back. Have other boots that you will be getting for repair. Awesome work and quick service!!!!"


"Received order early, an excellent job was done and they really are as good as new. Thanks."


"Just received my refurbished Sandals, I can't believe how fantastic they look. They were so bad before, you are miracle workers. Thank you."


"I received my shoes and your team did an outstanding job, they look like new. Thank you."



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