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CompassA streamlined shipping process helps NuShoe track orders and improve customer service.

When a woman spends several hundred dollars on a pair of 4-inch platform pumps, chances are she wants her investment to last at least a few seasons. That’s where NuShoe comes in. The San Diego-based company brings worn or damaged footwear to like-new condition.

Employees are experts at repair, but before UPS’s help, getting shoes to and from customers was timeconsuming and error-prone. UPS Account Executive Henry Pino suggested UPS Returns to streamline the customer experience.

Too many steps

The NuShoe ordering system had been cumbersome. Customers had to request a mailing bag and order form. Employees printed the request then mailed a preprinted order form/brochure and postage-paid mailing bag to the customer.

“We needed restock order forms and mailing bags in inventory constantly,” says Eric Neuner, president of NuShoe. In 2009, all those forms and bags added up to a $200,000 expense.

Plus, the information on the order forms wasn’t captured in the database. The company averages 2,000 repair orders per week, and staffers had to manually retype order information. Employees also sent e-mails to let customers know the shoes had arrived. Sometimes, indecipherable handwriting meant staffers had to call the customer for clarification, adding to labor expenses and turnaround time. This manually intensive process led to data-entry errors and, sometimes, unhappy customers.

Streamlined and simplified

With UPS Returns, the process is now automated. Customers print their own label from NuShoe’s website, pack their shoes in their own bag or box, and ship them via UPS. Requests for bags and forms are down significantly, saving time, labor and money.

With UPS Returns Flexible Access, NuShoe customers also have the option of leaving the package at any UPS or U.S. Postal Service dropoff location or having it picked up by a UPS driver from their home. When a package is tendered to a Post Office, UPS picks it up there.

By capturing order information electronically, the repair company has seen a 60 percent drop in returns processing time, saving tens of thousands of dollars annually.

NuShoe also is pulling in new business thanks to the ease of use for customers. And on top of that, Neuner expects he’ll be able to grow his business without adding employees just to handle the additional order processing.

Another benefit of UPS Returns is tracking. The ability to track packages helps both customers and NuShoe. The company can create an internal report showing how many shoes are inbound and can plan workflow. Customers can check order status online 24/7, reducing order-status phone calls by 50 percent, saving at least $15,000 in just six months.

“There are not a lot of exciting changes in shoe repairing. This is a big deal,” Neuner says.


NuShoe staffers had to manually process all shoe repair orders. Customers had to wait for a mailing bag to be sent to them before they could send in their shoes and could not track their order status.


With UPS Returns, the customer inputs the information online, which transfers directly into the NuShoe system. Other results: a 75 percent reduction in requests for mailing bags, a 60 percent drop in returns processing time and a 50 percent drop in “Where’s my order?” calls.