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We are America's premier shoe repair, resoling and renewal company. We offer online ordering with quick turn around for any type of boots, shoes, sandals and footwear you would like to repair or resole. NuShoe is also the exclusive authorized refurbishing company for many national brands such as Ecco and Mephisto. In recent years NuShoe has expanded into institutional and government accounts, returns and warranty processing, and direct-to-consumer internet repair and retail sales.

Before and After Images

We want our quality to speak for itself. Take a look at some before and after images to see how NuShoe can revive your favorite pair of shoes, boots and sandals.

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Customer Testimonials

"My shoes came back from repair a few weeks ago and they are amazing! It's like having a completely new pair of
sandals. I made the mistake of first taking them to a shoe repair nearby who promised they would be as good as new.
And what a disappointment. The biggest waste of money and time. I wish I had just sent them to you first. What an
incredible service. You now have a customer for life! Thanks again."Lyn F.

"Thank you very much for your e-mail advising me that my shoes will soon be shipped. I appreciate your attention
in keeping me informed and I look forward to wearing my refurbished shoes - thank you again.Jason

Received my sandals in beautiful condition - like new!!! Thank you for your fine work; very much appreciated."
Frances C.

"WOW!!!! Man oh Man...Thanks to the cobber's/staff at NuShoe. The work you done on my boots (Lowa Bafflin Pro),
went pass and farther then what I had expected when I got them back. I am very pleased with them. It truly feels like
I bought a pair of new boots minus any break in time not that it was need with them. Awesome service, was able to come
in with my budget, I see future returns to your company... Thanks again."George R.

"Wow... my (Nike running) shoes are GREAT. Appreciate excellent service and work."Tim M.

"My sandals arrived June 10. They are in better condition than when I bought them. Please pass my thanks on to your
craftspeople."Jane C. G.

"Not every day that you can rely on internet service. My first experience with NuShoe was just as they advertise an
the quality of their work could not be any more precise. Thanks for restoring my Finn Comfort shoes to look absolutely
brand new."Joe P.

"I sent my Ariat Crowne Pro tall boots off for new zippers and new laces. They were a mess. I hadn't ridden in them
for 3 years, left them covered in mud and dirty (I know, terrible) and then when I tried to put them back on, the
zippers busted right off. Two years after that, I began riding again, and needed my boots back! I sent my dried out,
dirty, busted up tall boots off to NuShoe, and just a few short weeks later, I got GORGEOUS, brand new looking boots
back in the mail. They even managed to get off all the fossilized sticky wax that was congealed on my boots from my
show days. That alone was 100% worth the money. I imagine this is what it feels like to have custom boots...brand new
boots, but already broken in and comfy. I am so so impressed with how good my boots look. The zipper feels more
substantial than the original Ariat zipper, but maybe that's just me! The only thing I wasn't over the moon about is
that the boot trees I ordered are more like shoe-trees, they fit into the foot part of the boot but don't go into the
shaft to hold the boots up or retain their shape, but that is probably my fault for expecting something different!
Still great shoe trees, I'll use them for something else and go back to pool noodles in my boots. I will send every
pair of riding boots I ever have to NuShoe for repairs, they do AMAZING work and do it in a timely manner! I cannot
say how impressed I am. Thank you!!!"Jane C. G.

"It was with some trepidation that I sent you my favorite sandals. They were completely worn out and I wasn't
sure you could save them. But I figured it was worth a try - we'd been around the world together and I had a lot
of mileage on those old favorites. I was overwhelmed when I got them back - they are as good a new! A miracle! My
next pair is in the mail and I am excited to see what you can do with them. Thank you for being such good craftsmen.
It is an art form.Karin W.

"I sent my Corcoran boots in to be refurbished and they were returned resoled and looking brand new! Thank you
for the fabulous job! I cannot order these new as they no longer make them, so it is a blessing I can keep wearing
my favorite boots thanks to NuShoe!!" Bonnie

"I have received the shoes and they look fantastic! You did a spectacular job on the shoes which I didn't think
were salvageable. Many thanks for the expert work and the enclosure of the mailer for a future repair. When
appropriate, I will use the mailer for another repair."Martha S.

”Got my shoes back today with the "Jump" soles and they now feel like walking shoes and not hiking boots like
before. Thank you for doing such a superb job. These are quality shoes from a quality company with quality
employees! I couldn't be happier!” Cory

”Received order early, an excellent job was done and they really are as good as new. Thanks.”

”Just received my refurbished Sandals, I can't believe how fantastic they look. They were so bad
before,you are miracle workers. Thank you.”Laurie

”I received my shoes and your team did an outstanding job, they look like new. Thank you.”

”Just wanted to drop you all a note to say THANKS for an AWESOME Recondition Job on my shoes!
These are my favorite pair of shoes and you all saved them so I can still use them for work. They
look brand new ... Good Job on the Recondition Extended Wear Work, and Thanks Again! I'll send them
back to you all again..”Mark

”Just want to thank you for the fabulous job you did with my Finn shoes. The arrived today and I'm
shocked -- they look just like the new pair that I bought to wear while they were being redone. Thank
you -- this is a great service! Being able to have them repaired makes them worth the investment.”Carol

”My Mephisto "Rush" shoes were refurbished ; I received my shoes back last week and I am totally amazed
at the wonderful job your team has done. My shoes look and feel like brand new. I was a bit concerned when
I shipped them out but I am a customer for life now. The service was fast and the refurbishment of my shoes
exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much.”Angela

”You recently restored/repaired a 27 year old pair of black on black oxford dress shoes for me. They are
sentimental to me as they were the last gift my dad gave to me before he died. I had been told by a local
shoe repair store that they were not repairable, but I sent them to you just on chance that you could fix
them. In this day in time it is seldom that I get more than I pay for, but you guys did it. My shoes look
like a new $300 pair of shoes. You have a new customer for life and I will send others your way. Bravo.”Joseph

”I received my repaired boots from NuShoe today 2/7/12. The repair service of replacing the Soles with
new far exceeds my expectations, the repair is superbly done to the finest detail, thank you once again.
This has been a pleasant experience overall, the communication, tracking and receiving finished work,
wonderful. I own several ECCO and other product that certainly will send to NuShoe for recondition and other
services required. No question, NuShoe ranks at the top of quality and customer care, you're the very
best!”Russ R.

”Just got my shoes and they look Great! I was worried these would not be repairable since they are unique,
but I couldn’t be more impressed. Thanks guys.”Andre C.

”I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the job you did on restoring my 15 year old pair of Cole
Haan’s. They look like new! I was truly shocked at how well they turned out and have been telling anyone that
mentions my shoes to take a look at your website. Thanks again.”Gary H.

”I thank you so much for restoring my favorite shoes, ever! I confess to being a shoe hog, as there are
several pairs of shoes in this house, however the Ecco sandals are my very favorite ever. These shoes have
taken me to the Great Wall of China, the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace and the steps of Notre
Dame and numerous walks with my doggie. I anxiously await my next adventure with my favorite traveling
companions, my Ecco Sandals! It was truly a special day when you returned my sandals, looking like new.
It was very close to my birthday and the BEST Birthday present this year! Keep up the Great Customer
Service. I have retold this story many times to friends and associates. I sing the praises of the NuShoe
Group.”Diane A.

”I just had a pair of old Ferragamo’s refurbished through you, and I am absolutely shocked by how well
they turned out. They are incredible! I’ll be your spokesperson for free, telling everyone to think twice
before throwing out a pair of shoes they like. Thanks so much for the incredible work you do!.”Daniel W.

”Just wanted you to know that I received my shoes today. And wanted to thank you and your fellow staff
members at NuShoe for all the help you have been. It is always a pleasure dealing with companies that will
go that extra mile for their client. It is becoming harder to find that feeling, but with you guys it was
evident from my first email I sent.”C. Marsh

”I just got my refurbished shoes back. Amazing!!!!! I can not believe the quality of work that was put
into my shoes. I got two more pairs of Mephisto's, and I can't wait to wear them out so they can be
refurbished as well. Thank you.”Steve

”That was fast and thank you for doing it so quickly. You will see more of my shoes. Thank you for great
service and personal contact. Customers like that and I certainly did..”Brian

”My shoes arrived and they're terrific! I can't wait until next Fall when I'll be, once again, happily
hiking in my favorite ECCO's. Well done!”Katherine

”Dear Customer service, A quick note to let you know how pleased I am with recent repair to my Ecco shoes.
Prompt attention and excellent workmanship are greatly appreciated and gives me added faith in our quality
work in this country. Thanks again for a job well done.”Dan

”Great Job!!! Thanks very much for giving me my Ecco Boots back in "new" condition. If you ever need a
reference on your work, use me.”Don

”Just wanted to send you a quick note to express my satisfaction with my resoled Mephistos. I am happy
that your organization provides the opportunity to have these great shoes revived/revitalized. Please
forward this note to those who need to know.”Ries

”I would just like to say thank you for the amazing job that your company did on Nancy's sandals.
The refurbishing job looks fantastic! I'm sure that our customer, Nancy, will be as speechless as I was
when I opened the box. I wasn't sure if the color (Jeans Toscana) could be brought back, but it definitely
was! These sandals had been completely submerged in salt water, and then sun-dried by the customer. Needless
to say, they appeared to have been ruined, but, your company certainly rose to the occasion! Not only did
NuShoe do a fantastic job with the refurbishing, but they did it in record time. The sandals were sent out to
you on the thirteenth of June, and were back in my possession by Wednesday, the eighteenth! Once again, thank
you for your help with resolving this issue in such a short amount of time. Have a great day!”Marilyn

”I would like you to forward my appreciation to the person who completed the order for resoling and
refinishing of a pair of shoes I sent in. Their work was perfect, including careful attention to a few
small stitching areas that needed to be repaired. The shoes look like new, and I expected at least some
problems with the repair. Congratulations on a job well done!!!”Garth

”I just got my shoes and sandals back this spring. Your company not only did A FANTASTIC JOB but got
them back to me sooner than I expected because I depend on them so much! THANK YOU AGAIN!!”Gerry

”Thanks for the fine job you did on the beat-up Edward Greens I found at the Goodwill. I didn't have
very high hopes, but you accomplished wonders. I can only imagine what you can do with shoes that are
just worn down some, not a pair that was apparently left out in the rain during the Ford Administration
and never made it back inside. I will be sending more shoes. Thanks again.”Patrick

”I was very hesitant to send my favorite Ecco shoes to an Internet shoe repair service. The results,
however, have made me a believer. When I look at them and, more importantly, when I wear them, it is
impossible to tell that they have been repaired. Fantastic. The next time I will not hesitate to make
use of your service. Thanks for the good work.”Bill

”I received my ECCO Shakers that I walked all over Italy with. What a fantastic refurbishing, just
like new. Thank you, thank you!!”Rose

”Never hearing of a boot resoling company online, I was very hesitant about sending my favorite
boots. After receiving my boots back within 2 weeks, I have other soldiers inquiring about this great
company. My husband and I will continue to use NuShoe.”Veneika

”I received my shoes back yesterday. I was told that they would try to clean them up when they made
the repairs, but since they were a soft green, they were not sure how good they would clean up. My shoes
look great!!! They look like they did when I bought them. Those shoes were worn all the time! My repairs
were done beautifully. Thank–you!”Carolyn

”I received my resoled shoes in the mail yesterday. I just wanted to say that I was very impressed
with the quality of the work. I am so happy to be able to wear my favorite pair of shoes again! Thanks
for doing such a great job!”Sarah

”Thank you for an outstanding Refurbishment and Resoling of my walking shoes...they look just like
new! The shoe trees and carry bag are an added plus that was not expected. You all are indeed professionals!”Lew

”I just received my boots resoled and I cannot believe these are my old boots that I walked across
Spain with!! You did a super job and I want to say Thank You very much.”Elleen

”I received my Birkenstock Milano's back following reconditioning - I am amazed! Excellent job - I
had no idea these sandals could be so amazingly reconditioned. I plan to send a pair of my Johnston
& Murphy dress oxfords soon.”Jim

”Once again you have done a magnificent job. The packing was very impressive, shoes are perfect.
Best Wishes.”Steve

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