“Great Job!!! Thanks very much for giving me my HAIX boots back in ‘new’ condition. If you ever need a reference on your work, use me.”Don

Fire Boot Renewal, Repair & Resoling

The Fire Boots NuCraft is made for rubber-soled fire boots. The Fire Boots NuCraft includes replacement Vibram™ rubber soles and heels, any custom stitching, and a thorough cleaning and deodorization of the interior and upper of the boot. As with all of NuShoe packages, the upper leather is refinished and conditioned to restore the original color and luster. Call toll-free 877-687-4631 with any questions.

Fire Boot Renewal options include the following:

shoe repair

Shoe Care Accessories

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Customer Reviews

“Thank you for your reply and service. I will keep on passing the word around about your company and great service to all my brothers of Jacksonville Fire Department. Thank you once again.”R. P. Murphy

“Never hearing of a boot resoling company online, I was very hesitant about sending my boots. After receiving my boots back within 2 weeks, I have other fireman inquiring about this great company. I will continue to use NuShoe.”David

“I just wanted to send you guys a quick note saying thanks: I couldn’t be happier with my boots–they came back good as new! Great job!”Chris

Take Advantage Of This Great Service!

Resole your fire boots and save over 50% versus buying a new pair. NuShoe has resoled over 4,000,000 pairs of shoes since 1994 and we guarantee your satisfaction!