“Tecovas restoration program is well worth the cost and makes my boots as good as new. I have six pairs and wear them all of the time. Best boots ever!”Robert

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Tecovas Boots Renewal, Boots Repairing & Resoling

Send in your worn Tecovas for a full resole with all original Tecovas parts. We’ll also perform a detailed cleaning, conditioning, and polishing. You’ll get them back in about four to six weeks, fully restored and in brand-new Tecovas packaging.

Use your own box, and we’ll simply email you a prepaid shipping label.

We cannot repair ripped or damaged leather shafts, vamps, or counters. In that case, we recommend taking your boots to a local cobbler. Please reach out to info@nushoe.com with questions.

Tecovas Boot Renewal options include the following:

Complete Restoration


  • Replace Outsole
  • Replace Midsole
  • Any Stitching Needed
  • New Insoles & Laces
  • Clean & Recondition

NOTE: You will not be charged until your shoes go into repair.

Tecovas reviews

“Rough to Brand New! I scuffed my boots up after storming the field after Tennessee beat Alabama. Wasn’t sure there was much that could be done with them but after I got them back, they looked like brand new boots!”Tanner M.

“Good as new! My boots came back just like new. I will definitely use this service again!”Kieth J.

“Awesome boots and awesome service!”Dayle W.

“The boots are like brand new but with my worn leather. I love them.”Quinton C.

“I absolutely love the restoration of my boots! I’ve had my boots for about two years and recently noticed that the sole had wore off. When I reached out to you guys, customer service was very helpful. The representative listened to my needs and was very nice. I sent my boots back to be restored and you all did an outstanding job on the restoration. They are like new! You guys are awesome. Thank you so much. You have a customer for life!”David B.

“What a value. To my surprise, my boots were returned in a quick fashion, looking just as close to new as possible. Very well priced for the amount of work done. A wonderful experience.”Rick S.

Take Advantage Of This Great Service!

Resole your Tecovas boots and save over 50% versus buying a new pair. NuShoe has resoled over 4,000,000 pairs of shoes since 1994 and we guarantee your satisfaction!

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