Even a great pair of boots need to get in sync with your own feet. The break-in pain is the ultimate enigma of wearing new boots. You can not understand that one day they fit perfectly, but now you dread wearing them because of the stiff, high-quality leather, and the thickness of the sole can be uncomfortable. You might need to break in your boots after getting your sole replacement.

Different boots take different break-in times. Light hikers may feel the perfect fit right out of the box, but some require weeks, like the burly leather models. Leather takes time to soften up for your feet and boots can adapt to one another.

Below are few tips on how to make breaking in your tough boots as painless as possible. Here are the steps how:

1. Treat Your Leather

You can apply a use a conditioner to add moisture if the leather upper feels too tight. Applying a leather conditioner like Lexol or any good quality conditioner that contains lanolin will help replace the leather’s natural oils. Leave it aside for 24 hours to dry. Apply wax or boot polish, then buff to shine.

The moisture helps stretch the leather material in your boots. Be careful in using a conditioner. Use only a little conditioner to avoid over-condition, which can make the material floppy.


2. Wear Thick Socks

You can start breaking in your boots by wearing your thickest socks. Wear your new boots around while wearing your thick socks. The socks can help stretch the leather. The thickness of the socks increases the moisture from your feet and helps the leather fibers loosen up. That is why breaking in your boots during the summer months is much easier.


3. Use a boot stretcher

A good tip if you are conditioning your leather boots is to use a wooden boot stretcher. If you find a lot of tightness in the boot’s width, you increase the width by using a shoe stretcher. It looks like a cedar shoe tree with a crank to increase the width. The stretcher is best used together with a leather conditioner. Insert the stretcher into the boot, crank it open, and leave it there for about 6 to 8 hours.


Final note

Have patience and take it slow. Pay attention and bear in mind that breaking in quality boots usually takes a couple of weeks. Avoid shortcuts like soaking the boots and walking long distances while wearing them can be bad for your feet.

You can also take it to a professional. NuShoe can help help you learn about proper care and use for your boots. You will be wearing them comfortably in no time.

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