Now that you have a pair of Birkenstocks, you might be wondering how you can keep them clean. There’s a special care that goes into cleaning a pair of Birks; therefore, you can’t perform the usual shoe cleaning you do, or else, you can ruin your sandals. So, what is the proper way to do this? 

Here are a few tips before you start the cleaning process: 

  • Never let your sandals dry in the sun. Doing so will make it fade faster and worse, it can ruin the footbeds that can cause your Birks to deteriorate quickly. 
  • If your pair of Birkenstocks is made of patent leather pair, it’s best to have a professional clean it for you. You might mess up the shine on the leather if you DIY it. A professional will know exactly what to do to maintain the leather finish. 
  • Your Birks’ footbed will benefit from regular cleaning, especially if you wear it often. Clean the footbed at least once a month for ten minutes to give them their much-needed refresher.

So, it’s time to clean your Birkenstocks! It’s not that simple because there’s no one-size-fits-all solution due to the various types of Birks today. Don’t worry; we got you! 

For Suede

Suede is easier to work with compared to leather; so consider yourself lucky if you have a pair of suede Birks. However, be mindful as this is still delicate. Make sure you go slow here, which means you should take your time to work with it. 

Items you’ll need: 

  1. Remove loose dirt or grime by gently brushing them away with your suede brush. 
  2. For stubborn scuffs and stains, use your suede eraser. Do it gently and allow it to really get in deep to dislodge the marks. When you have brushed up the deeper stains, use the brush to eliminate any particles that have been swept away. 
  3. White vinegar is the way to go if you still see stains. Dampen your microfiber cloth with a small amount of white vinegar and gently rub it back and forth the stain until you eliminate it. 


If you have a pair of leather Birks, then cleaning them is a bit tricky. Usually, it’s best left to the professionals, but there are some things you can try: 

Items you’ll need: 

  • Leather cleaner (you can also use saddle soap)
  • Water
  • Microber cloths (2)
  1. Dampen the cloths and apply a small amount of leather cleaner to one of the. 
  2. Work up a lather by rubbing the cloth onto the surface, Gently rub it over the stain. You can use the other cloth to wipe excess solutions. 
  3. It’s best to leave your sandals to dry completely before you do anything else. Wait at least two hours to see if your method is effective. 

Birko-Flor & Birkibuc

These two types of Birks are the brand’s proprietary materials. The Floor is made of PVC with an interior lining of soft fleece. On the other hand, Birkibuc features a synthetic upper material with a unbuckling leather-like texture and soft backing. 

Items you’ll need: 

  • Damp cloth
  • Soap
  • Water

These two types of Birkenstocks are the easiest to clean. All you need is to clean it with a damp cloth. However, if you’re dealing with tough pains, use soap and water. 


EVA is the easiest material to clean—its lightweight and waterproof. So, you really won’t have any trouble cleaning this. 

Items you’ll need: 

  • Wet cloth
  • Dish soap
  • Dry cloth
  1. Use a wet cloth for the uppers—wipe it clean. If there’s tougher grime to be removed, use a bit of dish soap.
  2. Rinse off any excess soap and dry it with your fresh cloth. 

Clean the Footbed

The footbed of Birkenstocks seems like the toughest to clean, but you need to. You don’t want to get stuck with a dirty footbed. What you can do here is to wipe it down with a damp cloth every few weeks to keep it looking good. 

On the other hand, if you normally go through muddy areas or wet grass, it’s essential you wipe the sandals as soon as you get home. Now, if you’re dealing with tougher stains to remove, here is a simple guide: 

Items you’ll need: 

  • Suede brush or clean toothbrush
  • Baking soda
  • Clean cloth
  1. Remove any loose dirt on the footbed with the use of of a clean toothbrush or a suede brush. 
  2. Mix baking soda with water until it forms into a paste. 
  3. Use a clean cloth or toothbrush to scrub the paste into the footbed. Do this in a circular motion. 
  4. Let it sit overnight.
  5. In the morning, use your damp cloth and wipe away the paste. 
  6. Ensure the sandals are completely dry before you repeat the process should there still be stains on the footbed. 
  7. Use a cork sealer to protect the soles. In addition to that, this will help prevent your sandals from drying out. You can get a cork sealer directly from the brand, or you can find some from other brands. 

A pair of clean Birkenstocks is possible, and it will be possible if you know how to take care of it properly. After all, a pair of Birkenstock sandals are an investment—they don’t come cheap, which is why you need to ensure that it will be properly taken care of. 

With so many Birkenstock sandals out there available in various styles, know that cleaning each style is different. That’s why we created this post to help you clean your Birks properly. With these tips, you’ll be able to keep your Birks clean and longer-lasting

It also won’t hurt to take your sandals to a professional. There’s nothing wrong with having the professionally cleaned. In some cases, this is the best choice, especially if you’re dealing with leather because this will guarantee you that your sandals will be taken care of properly by a pro. 

There are many shoe cleaning companies out there that specializes in cleaning Birkenstocks. Don’t hesitate to reach out!