The Importance of Jordan Shoe Repair

When it comes to Jordan shoe repair, sneakerheads know that keeping their prized possessions in top condition is a must. Here’s what you need to know right away:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Repairing your Jordans is far cheaper than buying a new pair.
  • Sneaker Restoration: Services include sole swaps, deoxidation, and cleaning to bring your shoes back to life.
  • Extending Shoe Life: Proper repairs can significantly extend the lifespan of your beloved Jordans.

Having your Jordans repaired is not just about preserving their look but also about maintaining their value and comfort.

I’m Eric Neuner, the founder of NuShoe Inc, and I’ve been in the shoe repair industry since 1994. Our mission is simple: to offer the highest quality craftsmanship and best customer service every single day. We’ll explore everything you need to know about Jordan shoe repair, from types of repairs to choosing the best shop for the job.

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Why Repair Your Jordans?

Repairing your Jordans is not just about preserving their look but also about maintaining their value and comfort.


Buying a new pair of Jordans can set you back a few hundred dollars, especially if they are rare or limited editions. Repairing them, however, is a fraction of the cost. At NuShoe, we offer a range of repair services that are budget-friendly and can save you from the high cost of replacement.


Repairing your Jordans is also a sustainable choice. The fashion and footwear industries contribute significantly to environmental waste. By opting for repairs instead of replacements, you reduce waste and your carbon footprint. At NuShoe, we use high-quality materials to ensure your shoes last longer, which is better for the planet.

Extending Shoe Life

Jordans are more than just shoes; they are an investment. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can significantly extend their lifespan. At NuShoe, we handle everything from sole separation to crumbling midsoles, making your old sneakers look and feel new again.

Preserving Value

For many, Jordans are collectibles. Keeping them in top condition preserves their resale value. A well-maintained pair of Jordans can fetch a higher price in the resale market. This is particularly important for limited editions and game-worn pairs. At NuShoe, we ensure that even game-worn signed collector’s pieces are restored with expert care, ensuring they retain their value over time.

Types of Jordan Shoe Repairs

When it comes to Jordan shoe repair, there are several specialized services that can bring your beloved sneakers back to life. Whether you have a pair of classic Air Jordans or the latest release, these repairs can help you maintain their look and extend their lifespan.

Sole Swaps

One of the most common repairs is the sole swap. Over time, the soles of your Jordans can wear out or start to crumble, especially if they are older models. At NuShoe, we handle hundreds of sole swaps each month, ensuring that the new sole matches the original as closely as possible.


Yellowing soles are a common issue for sneakerheads. Deoxidation is a process that restores the original color of the soles, making them look brand new. This is particularly important for collectors who want to keep their Jordans in pristine condition.


If the sole starts to separate from the upper part of the shoe, reglueing is necessary. This involves using strong adhesives to reattach the sole, ensuring that it stays in place during wear. At NuShoe, we recommend professional services for a more durable solution.


Regular cleaning is essential to keep your Jordans looking fresh. At NuShoe, we offer specialized cleaning services that can rejuvenate even the most worn-out pairs.

Leather Refinishing

Leather refinishing involves restoring the color and texture of the leather parts of your Jordans. This can include re-dyeing faded areas, smoothing out scuffs, and conditioning the leather to make it supple again. We use high-quality materials to match the original leather as closely as possible, ensuring a seamless finish.

Midsole Repaint

Over time, the paint on the midsoles of your Jordans can chip or fade. Midsole repainting involves carefully repainting these areas to restore their original look. This is a meticulous process that requires a steady hand and an eye for detail, making it a job best left to professionals at NuShoe.

How to Choose a Reliable Jordan Shoe Repair Shop

Choosing the right Jordan shoe repair shop can make all the difference in bringing your beloved sneakers back to life. Here are some key factors to consider:


Start by doing your homework. Look for shops that specialize in sneaker restoration, particularly those with experience in high-end brands like Air Jordan. NuShoe provides extensive information on the services they offer.


Customer reviews are a goldmine of information. Check platforms like Yelp and Instagram for testimonials about NuShoe’s meticulous craftsmanship.


Expertise is crucial when it comes to Jordan shoe repair. NuShoe prides itself on its luxury restoration knowledge and top-quality repair materials. They handle everything from sole swaps to midsole repaints, using the finest quality leathers and materials.


Look for shops that specialize in sneaker repairs. General shoe repair shops may not have the specific skills needed for sneakers. NuShoe is a great example of a shop that specializes in luxury and vintage collector’s items, including Air Jordans.


Price can vary significantly from shop to shop. While some repairs have fixed costs, unique or extensive repairs might be more expensive. Always ask for a detailed quote before proceeding. NuShoe provides a menu of services required to get your item feeling refreshed, allowing you to decide how much or how little you want to go forward with.

Turnaround Time

Time is another important factor. Repairs can take anywhere from 30-60 days, depending on the complexity. NuShoe mentions that extensive restorations may require special leather or hardware, which can extend the repair time.

By considering these factors, you can ensure that your Jordans get the best possible care.

Top Jordan Shoe Repair Shops


NuShoe is a luxury restoration service that prides itself on its expertise in sneaker repair. They handle everything from cleanings and sole swaps to deoxidation and reglues. With a nationwide network of artisans, NuShoe ensures that your Jordan shoe repair needs are met with the utmost care and precision. They even work on game-worn signed collector’s pieces, treating each pair with detailed attention.

  • Locations: Nationwide
  • Specialty: Luxury restoration, sneaker experts
  • Turnaround Time: 30-60 days, depending on complexity

NuShoe offers unique services and expertise, making them a top choice for Jordan shoe repair. Whether you’re looking for luxury restoration or quick, affordable fixes, NuShoe fits your needs.

DIY Jordan Shoe Repair Tips

Sometimes, the best way to fix your beloved Jordans is to do it yourself. Here are some simple and effective DIY Jordan shoe repair tips that can save you time and money.

Contact Cement Adhesive

One of the most common issues with Jordans is the sole separating from the shoe. Contact cement adhesive is perfect for reattaching soles. It’s strong, flexible, and easy to use.

  1. Clean the surfaces: Make sure both the shoe and the sole are clean and dry.
  2. Apply adhesive: Spread a thin layer of contact cement on both surfaces.
  3. Wait: Let the adhesive dry for about 10-15 minutes until it’s tacky.
  4. Press together: Carefully align the sole with the shoe and press firmly.
  5. Clamp or weight: Use clamps or place a heavy object on the shoe to hold it in place for at least 24 hours.

Sewing Awl

For small tears or loose stitching, a sewing awl can be a lifesaver. This tool allows you to sew thick materials like the leather and fabric found on Jordans.

  1. Thread the awl: Use strong, durable thread.
  2. Stitch the tear: Push the needle through the material and pull the thread tight.
  3. Reinforce: Go over the tear a couple of times to ensure it’s secure.

Barge Super Cement

Barge Super Cement is another excellent adhesive option, especially for more extensive repairs. It’s known for its durability and strong bond.

  1. Apply the cement: Similar to contact cement, spread a thin layer on both surfaces.
  2. Dry: Allow it to dry until tacky.
  3. Press and clamp: Align and press the pieces together, then clamp or weight them for at least 24 hours.

Online Tutorials

If you’re new to DIY shoe repair, don’t worry. There are plenty of online tutorials to guide you. Websites like YouTube have numerous videos showing step-by-step instructions for various repairs.

  • Search for specific issues: Look for videos related to sole re-gluing, stitching, or cleaning.
  • Follow along: Pause and replay sections to ensure you’re doing it correctly.
  • Learn from experts: Many videos are made by professional cobblers who share valuable tips and tricks.

By following these DIY Jordan shoe repair tips, you can extend the life of your favorite sneakers without breaking the bank. Whether it’s using contact cement adhesive, a sewing awl, or barge super cement, these methods are simple and effective. Plus, online tutorials make it easy to learn and apply these techniques at home.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jordan Shoe Repair

Can Jordans be repaired?

Absolutely! Jordans can be repaired in many ways, from basic fixes to complex restorations. Here are some common types of repairs:

  • Basic repairs: These include sole reglues, minor stitching, and cleaning. For example, if your sole is starting to separate, a professional can easily reattach it using specialized adhesives.

  • Specialist repairs: This might involve sole swaps, where the entire sole is replaced with a new one. It’s common for older models, like Jordan 5s, where the sole may crumble over time. Experts can perform sole swaps to make your sneakers look and feel new again.

  • Complex restorations: These include deoxidation to remove yellowing, leather refinishing, and midsole repaints. For instance, The Cobblers specialize in these high-end restorations, even working on game-worn, signed collector pieces.

Are sneakers worth repairing?

Yes, repairing your sneakers is often worth it for several reasons:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Repairing is generally cheaper than buying a new pair. For example, a sole reglue might cost a fraction of what you’d pay for a brand-new pair of Jordans.

  • Extending shoe life: Repairs can significantly extend the life of your sneakers. A small investment in repairs can keep your favorite kicks looking fresh for years.

  • Budget-friendly option: If you’re on a budget, repairs offer a way to maintain your collection without spending too much. Plus, you get to keep your favorite pairs in rotation.

Can a cobbler fix my shoes?

Yes, a cobbler can fix your shoes, and much more:

  • Leather goods: Cobblers often specialize in leather, which means they can also repair belts, handbags, and even leather jackets.

  • Specialized services: Shops like NuShoe offer a range of services, from orthopedic enhancements to waterproofing. They can even add heel cushions and insoles to improve comfort.

  • Versatility: Whether it’s a pair of luxury Jordans or a vintage leather handbag, cobblers have the skills and tools to bring your items back to life.

By understanding these common questions about Jordan shoe repair, you can make informed decisions that save you money and extend the life of your beloved sneakers.


When it comes to Jordan shoe repair, choosing a reliable and experienced service can make all the difference. At NuShoe, we pride ourselves on our dedication to handcrafted shoe renewal. Our expert craftsmen have repaired over 5 million pairs of shoes since 1994, ensuring your favorite Jordans stay in top condition.

Handcrafted Shoe Renewal

Our artisans use the finest materials and techniques to restore your shoes to their original glory. Whether it’s a sole swap, deoxidation, or leather refinishing, we handle each pair with meticulous care. This attention to detail not only extends the life of your sneakers but also preserves their value.


Repairing your Jordans isn’t just cost-effective; it’s also a sustainable choice. By opting for shoe repair, you help reduce waste and contribute to environmental sustainability. NuShoe is committed to making sure your footwear stays out of landfills and remains a part of your wardrobe for years to come.

Over 5 Million Pairs Repaired

With over 5 million pairs of shoes repaired, our track record speaks for itself. From luxury brands to everyday sneakers, we have the expertise to handle any repair job. Trust us to bring your beloved Jordans back to life with our top-notch services.

For more information on how we can help you with your Jordan shoe repair needs, visit our San Diego shoe repair service page.

By choosing NuShoe, you’re not just getting a repair service; you’re investing in quality, sustainability, and the longevity of your favorite footwear.