Your Thorogood boots are an investment. So, it only makes sense to condition it to ensure you make the most out of it. By doing so, you also get to extend its life. 



There are six categories of Thorogood boots you can get today: 


  • Public safety: A collection of uniform boots designed to meet safety standards while providing the utmost comfort. 
  • Work: One of the brand’s most recent lines where the popular Mac Toe is. The collection provides innovative craftsmanship for comfort. 
  • Outdoor: This is where you’ll find anything from rainbows to hiking shoots. 
  • Military: This is a small selection of army-approved boots
  • Fire: This includes bunker boots and woodland hiking boots.
  • Overshoes: This is a collection of waterproof overshoes that can be used for work or hikes


As you can see, all Thorogood boots are designed for rugged environments, which is why it’s critical to ensure that you condition them before you wear ‘em. 


Conditioning Your Boots


When it comes to conditioning your leather boots, this depends on how often you use them and the type of climate you live in. If your work boots are frequently exposed to hot and dry weather or a lot of rain and mud, you need to keep it clean and conditioned to maintain the quality of the leather. 


One of the best ways to condition your Thorogood boots is to apply good quality leather conditioner every month. The conditioner will help the leather maintain its natural oil for it to stay soft and supple. Conditioning your booths at least every three to six months is recommended if you don’t frequently use your boots or they don’t go through vigorous conditions.


Furthermore, a big part of conditioning your leather boots is by knowing the right tips to take care of them, such as: 



  • Make sure to rinse dirt off them every day. 
  • At least once a month, give the boots a proper clean and scrub.
  • Waterproof your boots once a month, or you can do it twice a month if you’re exposed to water daily.
  • Store your boots in an area that is well-ventilated and dry.
  • Let your boots dry slowly at room temperature only. 
  • Ensure the inside of your boots are dry and clean with disinfectant and powders.
  • As much as possible, don’t wear them for two consecutive days. Remember, shoes also need a day off!


Regardless of the type of Thorogoods you have, conditioning them only makes sense. By doing so, you get to protect your investment and make sure the boots will last for a long time. Thorogood uses high-quality materials that will leave you with the footwear you can trust for many years. 


With proper boots care, rest assured, you can get a high ROI from your footwear and it will be worth it. Take the time to condition your boots and consider purchasing cleaning and conditioning materials as well.


You can also have your boots professionally conditioned by reputable shoe service brands. Look for a company that specializes in boots to guarantee excellent work quality at a reasonable price.