When it comes to sandals that are durable and stylish, the brand Birkenstock will likely come up. Birkenstock is one of the leading brands when it comes to sandals and they’re popular for their molded footbeds and simple designs. 




Indeed, their sandals can last for a long time, but that doesn’t mean they’re meant to look good forever. Years of exposure and outdoor environment can wear and tear the soles, but the good news is, it’s not the end for your investment. 




You don’t need to toss out your old pair of Birks, because you can have it fixed at a repair shop




Some of the types of repairs available are: 




  • Footbed replacement: This replaces everything except the original straps and pickles. A footbed replacement is best if you see big splits in the cork or if the soles have worn down to the cork. The replacement includes a new classic footbed and sole. 
  • Resole: This is best for Birkenstocks that have tread problems. The repair will replace the sole and reseal the entire cork area.
  • Heel wedges: This is the best repair if the heel treads are smooth or only less than 1/16 inch of thickness remains along the heel. The repair includes heel area replacement with new EVA and reseal the entire exposed cork area. 



Is It Worth It?



Now that you know your sandals can be repaired, is it worth it? Well, if you think about the costs, it is. Buying a pair of sandals will cost you more, while repairs will only cost you half the price of a new pair. Therefore, replacing the sole is cheaper than buying a new pair of Birkenstock sandals. 




You can even find some repair shops that can fix your Birks for a lower price. All you need to do is research properly. 




In addition to these, the soles of Birkenstocks are guaranteed replaceable as the manufacturer makes it clear that most parts of their sandals can be replaced.  However, you need to make sure that the cobbler only uses original parts for your sandals. 




Besides fixing the sandals, your cobbler will also clean them to make them look brand new. You might not even recognize them when they’re handed back to you because they will look good as new. 




Extend the Life of Your Sandals



By having your Birkenstocks repaired, you get to extend its overall product life and it will help you save more money. You just need to find a good repair shop!




Also, Birkenstocks has become a staple in almost everybody’s wardrobe and it seems like it’s not going away anytime soon. So, buying a pair of it is a good investment, but since a pair doesn’t come cheap, should you encounter any problems with it, you can have it repaired and have it restored to its original look. With that, you can extend its life and make it last for a long time.