Resole Birkenstocks to breathe new life into your favorite sandals and enjoy their legendary comfort even longer.

  • Quick Answer:
  • Authorized Repair: Contact NuShoe, an authorized Birkenstock Repair Center.
  • DIY Options: Purchase a Birkenstock resole kit.

Birkenstocks are cherished for their comfort, durability, and sustainability. But what happens when the soles wear out? Instead of discarding your well-loved sandals, consider having them resoled to maintain their quality and reduce waste. This guide will walk you through why and how to resole Birkenstocks, offering both authorized repair options and DIY kits.

Hello, I’m Eric Neuner, founder of NuShoe Inc. With decades of experience in shoe repair, I’ve spent years ensuring top-notch craftsmanship in resoling Birkenstocks. My goal is to help you extend the life of your beloved sandals while keeping them as good as new.

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Why Resole Your Birkenstocks?

Resoling Birkenstocks can be a smart move for several reasons. Whether you’re looking to save money, maintain comfort, or do your part for the environment, here’s why you should consider it.


Resoling your Birkenstocks can be cheaper than buying a new pair. While the cost of resoling can be around 75% of the price of new sandals, it can still save you money in the long run.

One Reddit user mentioned, “I got my first pair done by a local cobbler and they were great, but it was just under $100 for a new footbed and cork.” Compare that to the cost of a new pair, and you see the savings.

Comfort Preservation

Birkenstocks are known for their comfort, thanks to their unique footbed design. Over time, the footbed molds to your feet, making them even more comfortable. By resoling, you keep that customized comfort.

Another Reddit user shared, “I’m really attached to the leather upper of my first pair of Bostons (bought in 1992!), and have had them resoled/recorked once already. It’s worth it to me for sentimental reasons.”

Environmental Impact

Resoling your Birkenstocks is better for the planet. Instead of tossing your worn-out sandals into the landfill, you can give them a new life. This reduces waste and promotes sustainability.

According to a report from the Environmental Protection Agency, over 9 million tons of clothing were sent to landfill in 2019. Resoling your sandals helps reduce this staggering amount of waste.


Birkenstocks are built to last, and resoling them can extend their lifespan even further. This means you get more value out of your initial investment.

A Reddit user recounted, “I’ve had my Birks resoled and recrafted several times. The cost for resole is less than purchasing new.”

In summary, resoling your Birkenstocks can be a cost-effective, comfortable, and environmentally friendly way to extend the life of your favorite sandals. Up next, we’ll dive into the step-by-step process of how to resole Birkenstocks, whether you choose to do it yourself or go through an authorized repair center.

How to Resole Birkenstocks

Resoling your Birkenstocks at home can be a rewarding project. Here’s a simple guide to help you through the process.

Tools and Materials Needed:
– Birkenstock resole kit
– Cork repair kit (if needed)
– Sandpaper
– Adhesive glue
– Clamps or heavy books
– Scissors or utility knife


  1. Remove the Old Sole: Use the utility knife to carefully cut and peel off the old sole. Sand down any remaining adhesive to create a smooth surface.
  2. Prepare the Cork Footbed: If the cork footbed is damaged, use the cork repair kit to fill in any cracks or gaps. Let it dry completely.
  3. Apply Adhesive: Apply a thin, even layer of adhesive glue to both the new sole and the footbed.
  4. Attach the New Sole: Carefully align the new sole with the footbed and press them together.
  5. Clamp and Cure: Use clamps or heavy books to apply pressure and let the glue cure for 24 hours.
  6. Trim Excess: Once cured, trim any excess sole material with scissors or a utility knife.

Authorized Repair Centers

If DIY isn’t your style, consider sending your sandals to an authorized repair center like NuShoe. NuShoe is a trusted option, known for its quality and customer satisfaction. They use only original Birkenstock materials and promise to return your sandals in “like new” condition.

DIY Resole Kits

If you prefer a hands-on approach, DIY resole kits are available. These kits typically include all the materials you need to resole Birkenstocks at home.

Cost of Resoling Birkenstocks

Average Cost

Resoling your Birkenstocks can vary in price, but on average, expect to spend around $45 to $100. Basic resoling, which includes replacing the sole and reconditioning the cork, typically costs about $65. If you need a full restoration, including a new cork footbed, it can go up to $110.

Factors Affecting Cost

Several factors can influence the cost of resoling Birkenstocks:

  • Sandal Type: Some models, like the Arizona, might be cheaper to resole compared to more complex designs.
  • Sole Material: The type of sole material you choose can affect the price. Original Birkenstock materials are often more expensive but ensure quality.
  • Location: Prices can differ based on geographic location. For example, repairs in a big city might be pricier than in a small town.
  • Additional Repairs: Extra work, like replacing worn-out buckles or heavily damaged cork, can increase the total cost.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

When considering whether to resole Birkenstocks, weigh the costs against the benefits.

Saving Money: While the cost of resoling can be close to buying a new pair, it often saves money in the long run. For instance, a new pair of leather Arizonas can cost around $87, whereas a resole might be $65.

Extending Sandal Life: Resoling can significantly extend the life of your favorite sandals. Many customers have been able to keep their sandals for decades with regular repairs.

Avoiding New Purchase: Repairing instead of replacing is more sustainable. It keeps your sandals out of the landfill and reduces the demand for new materials.

Frequently Asked Questions about Resoling Birkenstocks

Is it worth it to resole Birkenstocks?

Comfort: Birkenstocks are known for their comfort, thanks to their anatomically formed footbeds. Resoling helps preserve this comfort. As one user on Reddit mentioned, “I’m really attached to the leather upper of my first pair of Bostons (bought in 1992!), and have had them resoled/recorked once already.” Keeping the original footbed means maintaining the comfort you’re used to.

Fit: Over time, Birkenstocks mold to your feet, providing a custom fit. Resoling lets you keep that perfect fit. Buying a new pair means starting the break-in process all over again.

Cost Savings: While resoling can cost up to 75% of a new pair, it’s still cheaper than buying new sandals. One Reddit user shared, “It costs about ~75% of the cost of a new pair, depending on where you go.” If you’re attached to your current pair, this can be a worthwhile investment.

Can you resole a pair of Birkenstocks?

Repairability: Yes, you can resole Birkenstocks. The brand designs them to be repairable. This includes replacing the soles and footbeds. According to NuShoe, “Birkenstock sandals and shoes eventually wear out. The way you care for them and how often you wear them significantly affect their life expectancy.” Regular maintenance can extend their life.

Authorized Centers: For the best results, consider using authorized repair centers like NuShoe or the Birkenstock Repair Center. These centers use genuine Birkenstock materials, ensuring a quality repair.

DIY Options: If you’re handy, you can also resole your Birkenstocks at home. There are DIY resole kits available. One Reddit user mentioned using a DIY guide and found it “wasn’t too painful.”

Can I replace my Birkenstock soles?

Repair Options: You can replace the soles, footbeds, and even the cork. According to NuShoe, “Footbed replacement is available for Birkenstock sandals and shoes.” This means you can keep the leather uppers and replace the worn-out parts.

Sole Replacement: When the soles wear down to less than 1cm, it’s time for a replacement. You can choose from various sole types, including the standard EVA sole or the SuperGrip sole for professional use.

Footbed Replacement: If the cork footbed is damaged, it can also be repaired or replaced. Keeping a light coating of cork sealant around the perimeter can prolong its life.

In the next section, we’ll delve into the cost of resoling Birkenstocks.


When it comes to extending the life of your favorite Birkenstocks, NuShoe offers an exceptional service. They use original Birkenstock materials and promise 100% customer satisfaction. This means your sandals will come back looking and feeling almost new, as many happy customers have reported.

For instance, Skadi B. shared, “I sent in some really ragged-out Birkenstock leather clogs that I had considered trashing. But I thought I would give these guys a shot, and whoa! what I got back in the mail was a brand new pair of Birks! My wife and I were both floored!” This kind of feedback shows that NuShoe can work wonders with your well-worn sandals.

Sustainability is a significant benefit of resoling your Birkenstocks. Instead of buying new sandals and contributing to waste, you can keep your old ones in great shape. This aligns well with Birkenstock’s focus on sustainability, as they use high-quality, responsibly sourced materials. By resoling, you’re not just saving money, you’re also making an eco-friendly choice.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of NuShoe’s service. Karin W. expressed her joy by saying, “It was with some trepidation that I sent you my favorite sandals. They were completely worn out and I wasn’t sure you could save them. But I figured it was worth a try – we’d been around the world together and I had a lot of mileage on those old favorites. I was overwhelmed when I got them back – they are as good as new! A miracle!”

By opting to resole your Birkenstocks, you’re not only preserving comfort and extending the life of your sandals but also making a sustainable choice that benefits our planet. Whether you choose an authorized repair center like NuShoe or a DIY kit, you’ll find that resoling is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option.

Ready to give your Birkenstocks a new lease on life? Contact NuShoe today and ensure the health of your walking buddy.

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