Several users have proven and experienced Birkenstock sandals and shoes to last far longer than other types of shoes and sandals on the market. However, much like other types of footwear, Birkenstock sandals and shoes eventually wear out. The way you care for them and how often you wear them significantly affect their life expectancy.

The durability of the items may be prolonged by considering Birkenstock repairs such as footbed replacement or resoling.

Birkenstock Repair

Replacement heel and toe tabs are available for those who wear their shoes’ heels and tips first. These should be replaced before the cork footbed deteriorates. For those who are rough on their heels, durable heel tabs are available. These should be performed while the soles are still relatively new to prolong the life of your shoes. When the soles are evenly worn, it is time to replace the soles completely. 

Birkenstocks with exposed cork footbeds may require cork repair over time because of general wear. Re-building and grinding heat-moulded cork to the original shape of the footbed accomplishes it. To prolong the life of your cork footbed, we recommend you keep a light coating of cork sealant around the perimeter, which protects the cork from the elements and keeps it from drying out.

Resole / Footbed Replacement

Footbed replacement is available for Birkenstock sandals and shoes. Please keep in mind that exposure to extreme heat can damage both the footbed and soles of Birkenstock sandals. In the summer, avoid leaving them in a hot car, and if they get wet, slowly dry them away from direct heat, never directly in front of a heater.

If you notice that the sole and tread of your Birkenstocks are wearing down uniformly to less than 1cm (or the tread pattern on the soles is no longer visible), it is time for a complete footbed replacement.

To have this repair performed, you must first ensure that the sole of your Birks has not entirely worn down to the cork and has not also damaged the leather. The repairers will keep the footbed, lining, and uppers while providing you with an entirely new sole. Not only can the entire Birkenstock EVA sole be replaced, but also any SuperGrip sole found in the Professional collection.

Why Resoling or Birkenstock Repair Is A Good Thing

Maintains and lengthens the quality and longevity 

Resoling your Birkenstock, you’re essentially building a more substantial basis for the shoe, which improves its overall quality and lifespan.

Adds extra comfort and support 

In footbed replacement, you may choose any sole you like and also add a sole with improved arch support that is designed for extended use and comfort.

Continues to be resoled year after year

You may customize your Birkenstock resole to your liking when the soles are worn down. You may replace the soles and resole your sandals again.

Better for the planet 

If we can retrain our brains to purchase high-quality sandals that can be resoled for years and years, consider the modest influence we can have on being more sustainable and responsible with our purchasing practices.

Will stand out

Whether you want to dye the sole of your Birkenstock, have a custom resole, or even invest in a custom-made sandal, your newfound acquisition will undoubtedly stand out.

A pair of Birkenstocks sandals is a good walking buddy. If you want to enjoy more walking experience with it, regularly assess it or even check with experts in Birkenstock maintenance. Contact NuShoe today and ensure the health of your walking buddy.