Birkenstock sandals were designed to be worn while walking. After some time, they may become uncomfortably tight and unfashionable. Because of the lightweight material and open form of Birkenstock sandals, they are prone to wear and tear over time.

It isn’t a permanent problem and can be easily repaired. It doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot on new Birkenstocks or buy a new pair. You can quickly get rid of the tear in Birkenstocks. 

Birkenstock Repair

Birkenstock sandals become more comfortable the longer they are worn. Many people bring in their Birkenstock sandals to be repaired rather than discarding them away. There are three reasons for Birkenstock to be repaired. First, the outsoles have worn out. Second, suede insoles have become very stained and dirty. The third problem is that the edges of cork footbeds have dried and cracked.

Cracks and tears in your Birkenstock sandals are natural and show that the shoes are adjusting to your stride. Specific Birkenstock models are more prone to cracking than others. The cork’s exposure to the environment is the primary cause of the formation of cracks and tears. The more cork that is visible, the more cracks there are.

DIY Birkenstock Repair

It is possible to fill up cracks and rips in your Birkenstocks with a flexible sealer if you do not like the look of cracks and tears in your Birkenstocks.

First, clean your Birkenstock sandals’ insoles with suede gum. We recommend applying a thin coating of cork sealant around the edges to extend the life expectancy. It protects the cork from the elements and prevents it from drying out. The Birkenstock will look new again when the cork is sealed.

Avoid extreme heat. It is an easy way to protect your Birkenstocks. Your Birkenstocks should not be left in your car. To dry them, do not place them in front of a heater or fire. Let your shoes air dry if they become damp.

Expert Birkenstock Repair

If you’re not sure whether it’s possible to repair the tears yourself, you should see a cobbler. A cobbler can assist you in identifying possible issues with your shoes and make recommendations on how to avoid them from occurring.


Even though it may be time-consuming, mending a Birkenstock sandal tear is simple. All you need is the proper equipment and a lot of patience. After you’ve repaired the shoes, you may easily slip them back on your feet. They will endure for many years if they are appropriately cared for. Make sure you don’t allow a tear in your Birkenstock to spoil your summer!

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